About the scrapyard

Sale of used spare parts didn’t start at once… First of all, it was and still it is a passion for Mercedes-Benz vehicles – their maintenance, improvement and deepening the existing knowledge base. When a sufficient bundle of knowledge was acquired, a lot of experiments conducted and many spare parts accumulated, we felt a desire to help and give advices to those who have had a car breakdown or just want to increase their vehicle’s power from its technical aspect. This is how the Mercedes-Benz scrapyard was born.

Our mission is to help people; to detect failures, to share all available information, to give advices in making decisions on repairs; to create a community.

The scrapyard’s activity is the sale of used spare parts for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and dismantling of vehicles of the same make. The assortment of spare parts is regularly renewed and the range of new models to choose from is constantly widened. Vehicles that have already been operated in Lithuania are not dismantled in our scrapyard; vehicles are imported from the Western Europe – Germany, Denmark, France, Italy. Today the scrapyard offers spare parts for vehicles made in 2000 or later. We can deliver the parts to Utena and Vilnius or send to all other towns of Lithuania as a parcel. We issue invoices.



Alvydas Keras



Rašės st. 6, Plaušai,

Vyžuonų elderate, Utena district